Tea Party!


Dear Members,

We had a wonderful celebration on September 19th at La Madeleine.  On this occasion we said thank you to Mabel Albar Díaz. Buky Bustos,Teresita Caneiro, Maria Rosa Marcovechio, Viviana Martino, Nora Muñoz, Marina Ramirez, Mabel Schwartz, Clelia Volponi and Susana Wassaf (though Susana was unable to attend) for their efforts in getting the Association started. We also made a toast in honour of Moni Marún, for her tireless energy in support of our profession. We hope to include more ASJPI pioneers in future celebrations!

We had a great time, with fun activities and lots of talk talk talk…. So much talking that the background music (specially selected music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s) went unnoticed!  However, music became central to the celebration as we enjoyed a wonderful performance by Viviana and Marina, who produced a very original (thought teacher-centered!) version of ‘Resistiré’.

We want to thank all the members who took part and made this celebration possible (if you missed it, you can take a look at the photo gallery). Our very special thanks to Sarah Daly, who shared with us some beautiful words about Jane Austen and the tea ceremony.

Hope to see you at future ASJPI events!